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Report: FaceTime calls won't use wireless minutes

Apple's FaceTime video-calling feature for the iPhone 4 will not cost users wireless minutes, according to Business Insider.

With the iPhone 4 due out this week, Apple has confirmed that one of its most anticipated new features, FaceTime video calls, will not use minutes from users' wireless plans.

Citing an unnamed Apple rep, Business Insider reported Sunday that people don't need to worry about using voice minutes, even though FaceTime video chats are initiated from a voice call.

"The voice call ends as soon as the FaceTime call connects," the Apple rep told the online business publication. "The FaceTime call is over Wi-Fi so does not use carrier minutes."

To be clear, voice minutes are used to begin the call. But after moving the call to FaceTime, the iPhone then disconnects the voice call and the charges will end.

FaceTime video calling was Apple CEO Steve Jobs' "one more thing" at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

FaceTime requires that both users have an iPhone 4, and for now, supports only video calls over Wi-Fi.