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Red Hat appoints new CTO

Cygnus Solutions co-founder Michael Tiemann replaces Red Hat co-founder Marc Ewing as chief technology officer of Red Hat.

Michael Tiemann Cygnus Solutions co-founder Michael Tiemann has replaced Red Hat co-founder Marc Ewing as chief technology officer of Red Hat.

The shuffle can be seen as a positive sign for Cygnus as it gets integrated into Red Hat. Because Linux is such a technology-focused product, chief technology officers at Linux companies typically wield a great deal of influence over product direction and strategy.

Red Hat, a seller of the Linux operating system, signed a $674 million deal to acquire Cygnus in November, which was finalized Monday. Cygnus develops "compiler" software, which translates programs written by people into instructions a computer can understand. Red Hat said the acquisition will help them expand from using Linux in servers to using it in gadgets such as set-top boxes as well.

It's the second major management shuffle in the top ranks of Red Hat since November. Former chief executive Bob Young stepped down in November, staying on as chairman of Red Hat's board. Matthew Szulik, who had been chief operating officer, was promoted to CEO.

Ewing will stay on as director of Red Hat's Center for Open Source and a member of the board.

Red Hat also announced this week that its $86 million acquisition of e-commerce software maker Hell's Kitchen Systems has been completed.