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Records sales for Toyota in U.S.

Toyota Motor Sales reports record June, first half of the year

On Tuesday, Toyota Motor Sales, which includes the Toyota and Lexus brands in the U.S., announced record sales for the first half of 2007.

Toyota Motor sold 1,331,074 vehicles since the beginning of the year, making it the "best-ever first half of the year" for the U.S. branch, which also experienced record sales for the quarter.

About 725,219 vehicles were sold in the second quarter, with 245,739 of them selling in June alone. The June number is a 6.1 percent increase over June 2006.

The news follows two other major announcements from Toyota earlier this month.

Jim Press, general manager of Toyota Motor North America, which includes Toyota Canada among others, was the first person not from Japan to be appointed to Toyota's board. Toyota also announced in June that it had its 65th consecutive month of growth for production worldwide.