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Readers give Apple a thumbs-up

NEWS.COM readers think Apple has a good thing going.

NEWS.COM readers think Apple Computer (AAPL) has a good thing going.

This week's NEWS.COM reader poll asked whether or not Apple CEO Gil Amelio announced a winning strategy this week for during his Macworld Expo keynote.

Of a total of 1,234 readers who responded, 67 percent voted that Apple's plan is on track while 33 percent think that the company is off base.

Apple customers and developers interviewed on the show floor this week gave generally the same impression: The plan is strong, at least in theory. But many were cautious about Apple's ability to deliver everything it has promised, or at least deliver it on time. (See related story)

But the poll results are another demonstration of the continued trust that users have in the company's turnaround potential.

NEWS.COM polls do not allow any single reader to vote more than once.