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Razer drops new PC gaming mouse and headset

Razer introduces the Mamba gaming mouse and Carcharias audio headset, which both includes some pretty useful features.

On the heel's of Logitech's announcement of its own new PC gaming peripherals, Razer brings word this morning of new PC gaming mouse and a audio headset. The $130 Mamba mouse hits stores in February and the $80 Carcharias (a family of sharks) headset is set to debut at retail this month.

The Mamba mouse includes many of Razer's hallmark features, plus a few that are new. The large buttons, nonstick Teflon mouse feet, 1,000Hz polling rate, and built-in memory (for carrying mouse settings between systems) we've all seen before. You'll be glad to know the laser sensor dpi arms race marches ever onward, with Razer trumping Logitech's new 5,000dpi G9x by ramping the Mamba's sensor up to 5,600dpi. Phew.

Razer's Mamba gaming mouse offers both wired and wireless PC gaming. Razer

More interesting for the Mamba is that it's rechargeable, and you also have the option to use it in both wired and wireless modes. The picture above features what appears to be a charging base, so it's unclear if the mouse will recharge while it's plugged in on the wired connection as well. Regardless we like the idea of giving gamers flexibility to go on or off the cable. That $130 price tag also makes the Mamba the most expensive gaming mouse we're aware of.

The Razer Carcharias features an inline remote and a reasonable price tag. Razer

For its headset, Razer doesn't get into many details of the Carcharias. The press release mentions changeable ear pads (as opposed to changeable headband padding on the Logitech G35), and an inline remote control, both of which are useful features. And the $80 price tag puts the Carcharias $50 under the new Logitech model, although Razer also doesn't boast about simulated 7.1-channel audio like Logitech does. With its imminent release date, hopefully we'll gain some more information with a hands-on review.

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset