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Rangehood with flair and LCD TV

Australian ILVE recruits an Italian designer to stick a display above your stove.

ILVE Vela rangehood LCD TV

Can't be away from the TV screen for long?

Australia's ILVE has a solution for you: an LCD TV built into a rangehood.

While it's certainly not the most heinous attempt at integrating a home appliance with electronics, I honestly can't think of a worse way to watch TV: standing over a hot stove and craning my neck ceilingward. Ouch.

Designed by Italian Marco Valerio Agretti, the Vela rangehood is stainless steel and glass and does fancy stove-assisting duties like increasing the interior fan's speed as the temperature over the stove rises, filtering out grease, and self-cleaning.

But the appliance seller is light on details when it comes to the LCD hardware. We do know it's a 10-inch LCD panel, and comes with a remote and RCA cable outlet and DVD input.

(Via Engadget)