'Queer Eye' for the product guy

We all know the Fab Five have great tips on skin care and couture, but who knew they'd end up being a source for cool products?

Our friend Tim, an editor with CNET's Shopping Services & Advice group, did a little assessment of the gadgets featured on Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and concluded that the iconic style mavens have pretty good taste when it comes to gear. Tim rounded up the tech gifts given to the straight-guy proteges on the show--an Apple iBook, a T-Mobile Sidekick, Polk Audio speakers and 42-inch Mitsubishi plasma flat-panel TV--and found that CNET Labs gave all a "very good" rating of 7.3 or higher. That, however, was before the toys got antioxidant shaving gel on them.

Tim's "Queer Eye" take is part of a larger CNET series on tube-featured tech. Other segments include Tech Seen on CSI, Tech Seen on Alias and Tech Seen on 24.

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