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Quark CEO abruptly leaves post

Publishing software maker won't cite reason for Kamar Aulakh's sudden departure.

The head of publishing software maker Quark has abruptly left the Denver-based company.

In a statement on Thursday, Quark said that effective immediately, CEO Kamar Aulakh is "no longer with the company." The board of Quark, which is privately held, named Linda Chase, senior vice president of commerce product development, as acting president on an interim basis.

Kamar Aulakh
Kamar Aulakh
Former CEO, Quark

Company spokesman Glen Turpin would not say why Aulakh left.

"I don't think it would be appropriate to talk about the reason," Turpin said. "It's really a private matter between Kamar and the company."

Turpin said that the company has signed executive search firm Christian & Timbers to lead the search, although there is no timetable for when a new CEO will be hired.

"We hope to find a new CEO as soon as possible," he said. "It's very important we bring in some professional outside leadership to the company."

Aulakh had been CEO since February 2004 after serving in a variety of engineering roles at the company. Chase has been head of the company's QuarkCommerce business unit since 1998.