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Qualcomm delivers WorldMail

The maker of the Eudora email engine shows off its new WorldMail Internet-based server software tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

Qualcomm (QCOM), maker of the popular Eudora electronic mail system, debuted a new Internet-based server software product at this week's Internet Expo in San Jose, California.

Eudora's new WorldMail email server is the latest server offering from Qualcomm, a company which has focused on providing Internet-based email products. The new server is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that are migrating from older systems.

The new server supports email messaging protocols such as Internet Messaging Access Protocol and Post Office Protocol. It also supports administrative protocols for directories such as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and the Ph protocol for Internet-based white pages.

A software migration utility for users who want to switch to Eudora will also be included in the package. The first migration kit is for users of Lotus Development's cc:Mail. The company hopes it can use its support for Internet standards to gain customers who are tied to older, proprietary email systems.

The new Eudora WorldMail Server software, bundled with current Eudora client software, starts at $825 for a ten-user package. As a standalone product, the WorldMail Server starts at $179 for ten mailboxes.