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Pyro stoner DJ starter kit?

CNET has posted a review of the Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 wireless DJ controller.

Photo of Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 controller.
What is going on here? Are stoned ravers remotely igniting the people behind them on fire?

I've just finished reviewing this Hercules Mobile DJ product, and I must say that for $99, it's actually pretty fun. Still, the package design is hilariously bad. It's like someone dropped some bad acid right before opening up Photoshop.

The Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 is nowhere near a professional-quality digital DJ solution, but at this price, it's not meant to be. It's meant for the stoned pyromaniac teenagers pictured on the box. The package comes with a wireless iPod-white DJ interface, a USB wireless receiver that connects to your computer, and MP3 DJ software that works surprisingly well.