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Products use Intel's smart technology

Products based on Intel's new Intelligent I/O technology will be announced at Comdex.

Intel and others today announced new server products based on Intel's new Intelligent I/O technology at the Comdex trade show in Chicago.

Intel, Tiva Microcomputer, Znyx, BMC Software, and Wind River Systems announced products using the technology targeted at increasing the performance and data throughput in servers.

"The explosion of the Internet and the corresponding computer peripherals comprising its infrastructure have fueled the demand for more network bandwidth and improved input/output," Intel said in a prepared statement.

To provide that bandwidth, Intelligent I/O technology relies on the I2O specification and Intel's i960 RP I/O processor. The I20 specification will create a single, common interface from the network OS to system I/O, ensuring interoperability between I/O devices, Intel said. The RP I/O processor is essentially a single-chip I/O subsystem for servers incorporating the processor and memory typically used in I/O adapter cards, such as those used for RAID, ATM, Fibre Channel, Fast Ethernet, and SCSI.