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XP owners shunning security update

Only a third of Windows XP machines have the SP2 security update loaded, a Microsoft exec says.

Mario Juarez, product manager of security at Microsoft, said Tuesday at Microsoft's TechEd conference in Amsterdam that only one in three people using Windows XP in the United States has downloaded Service Pack 2, which tightens security on the operating system. "We know that the percentage of people using Windows XP SP 2 is lower than we would like it to be," Juarez said. "One in three machines that run Windows XP is running SP 2. Customers are still reluctant to upgrade."

In general, however, people are being more vigilant about online threats, Detlef Eckert, chief security advisor at Microsoft, said. He also noted that attacks are becoming more targeted and are motivated by financial gain.

Dan Ilett of Silicon.com reported from London. For the full story, click here.