Window Snyder to leave Mozilla

Popular chief security architect behind Firefox, Thunderbird, and other open-source projects is leaving to work on an undisclosed new project.

Robert Vamosi Former Editor
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Robert Vamosi
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Window Snyder, Mozilla's chief security something-or-other (her official title), is leaving Mozilla, effective the end of the year.

"I am sad to be leaving," she wrote in her blog on Wednesday, "but I am excited to go work on something I have always been passionate about. I wish I could tell you about it now, but that will have to wait for a while."

In an interview earlier this year, Snyder stressed to me how she wants to bring open-source practices to the security community. And her background certainly supports that passion.

Snyder is the co-author of Threat Modeling, a book about application security. Her security work started at @Stake (now a part of Symantec) before continuing at Microsoft. Later she helped found Matasano Security before landing at Mozilla in September 2006.

Johnathan Nightingale, Lucas Adamski, Brandon Sterne, and Mike Shaver will continue to blog about security at Mozilla in Snyder's absence.