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Two ways to tango with Symantec services

Security firm will formally launch two programs for businesses to get its help with antivirus and data protection.

Symantec plans to formally launch on Wednesday two ways for businesses to tap its data protection and antivirus management services.

Under Symantec Operational Services, customers pay the company to handle their IT security functions, such as data protection work, under a service-level agreement. The services can use Symantec or third-party technology and can be provided at the customer's location, delivered remotely, or a combination of both.

The Symantec Residency Services program, meanwhile, supplies security consultants to businesses on a fee basis. These consultants, who operate as part of the customer's internal IT team, can focus on areas such as the backup and recovery of data; assessment of data protection readiness; and evaluation of the client's ability to respond to emergencies.

Data protection under both the Operational Services and the Residency Service schemes are already available worldwide, Symantec said. Symantec Antivirus Residency Services are also already up and running. Other functions will be launched in 2007, the company added.

Both service models come under the umbrella of Symantec Global Services.