Target practice for digital miscreants

Businesses, consumers continue to be on receiving end of Net threats. Latest cause for concern: attacks via IM.

CNET News staff
Businesses and consumers continue to be on the receiving end of all sorts of Net threats. The latest cause for concern: attacks via instant-messaging software.

Companies unprepared for IM attacks

Many businesses are ignoring the emerging security threat posed by instant-messaging software, a survey shows.
March 23, 2005

Mac OS X in hackers' crosshairs

Symantec warns that as Apple's market share rises, its operating system will come under increased attack.
March 22, 2005

Study: Linux riskier than Windows

Microsoft-funded study concludes that companies that install Linux-based Web servers run greater risks than those using Windows.
March 22, 2005

Does IM stand for insecure messaging?

Trojan horses are galloping toward instant-messaging users, and the attackers are getting smarter.
March 22, 2005

Apple patches Mac OS X flaws

Mac maker fixes 10 vulnerabilities and offers a solution to a pernicious browser-based phishing threat.
March 21, 2005

Worms whack half of businesses

Most companies have upped security spending, but that hasn't stopped pests from invading corporate networks, survey finds.
March 21, 2005