Storm worm e-mail says U.S. attacked Iran

The criminal hackers behind the Storm worm botnet are once again using political social engineering to expand their network of compromised computers.

Robert Vamosi Former Editor
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Robert Vamosi

Recent e-mails stating that the U.S. has already attacked Iran and, in some cases, also offering links to a video purportedly from a soldier, are not to be believed, according to Websense. The security vendor said in an advisory Wednesday that it has linked the provocative e-mails to the Storm worm.

Storm got its name because it first took advantage of a huge winter storm in Northern Europe in early 2007. Since then, it has used a variety of social engineering tricks, including the use of political themes, to get unsuspecting users to open its malicious payload.

This time Storm is offering form.exe and iran_occupation.exe as executable payloads.

Acording to Dancho Danchev over at ZDNet, the latest iteration of Storm appears to be using the following domains:

  • statenewsworld . com
  • morenewsonline . com
  • dailydotnews . com
  • dotdailynews . com
  • newsworldnow . com

A link from one of the Storm worm e-mails leads to this page. Websense