Stepping up security efforts

Heightened security concerns lead businesses worldwide to try to make sure their computer systems are shipshape.

CNET News staff
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roundup With businesses worldwide looking to batten down the hatches, tech companies from Microsoft to Phoenix ready new products and services. Also: Tales from the crypto world.

Microsoft to create pop-up safety lessons

The company plans to use more dialog boxes and other messages in future software releases to educate people on 'safe' computing.
April 28, 2004

The crypto whiz

newsmaker Paul Kocher, president of Cryptography Research, sees a long, hard slog between the good guys and the bad guys.
April 28, 2004

Phoenix authentication security takes wing

The BIOS maker launches security software technology that ensures only authorized users with a "trusted device" can gain access to a corporate network.
April 28, 2004

MCI sees green in securing small businesses

Fresh out of bankruptcy protection in a market that's rough for a long-distance carrier, MCI is expanding into providing security for small and midsize businesses.
April 27, 2004

Multinational team cracks crypto puzzle

Mathematicians win $10,000 using 100 workstations to solve RSA Security's latest challenge.
April 27, 2004

Survey: Big business bears brunt of attacks

Security breaches are making six-figure dents in the bank balances of large British companies, according to a U.K. government report.
April 27, 2004

Aussie bank scales up against 'phishing'

A top Australian financial group is fighting harder against online fraud. Also, it drops large-scale use of Microsoft Windows for ATM and point-of-sale transactions.
April 27, 2004

EU members ignore spam directive

Most member nations appear to have decided that the EU's policy on spam, passed last year, won't help.
April 27, 2004

The black lining to Symantec's silver cloud

While it's nice to be needed, the consumer demand last year for products to deal with viruses and worms derailed Symantec's drive to make enterprise products a bigger part of its business.
April 27, 2004

Coder serves up poetry with newest Bagle

The latest variant of the Bagle worm isn't spreading very quickly, but its author has included a bit of verse on top of the malicious code.
April 26, 2004