Stamping out fires in security

A zero-day flaw in MacOS X and Firefox and third-party Windows patches turn up the heat for Net users. Plus: Buyout boom in security.

CNET News staff
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A zero-day vulnerability in Firefox and a twist in the Mac Wi-Fi hijack saga and third-party patches for Windows turn up the heat on Net users, helping stoke an acquisition boom in the security industry.

Exploit released for Mac OS X flaw

There is no need for serious alarm, but the exploit does appear to have been crafted before Apple Computer patched the flaw last week.
Oct. 2, 2006

In security deals, bigger is better

Billion-dollar buyouts are reshaping the security scene as businesses grapple with regulations, data leaks and other challenges.
Oct. 2, 2006

Second third-party fix out for Windows bug

Group of security professionals produces a patch for a flaw in Windows Shell that is being used in cyberattacks.
Oct. 1, 2006

Hackers claim zero-day flaw in Firefox

Mozilla is investigating hacker claims that the Web browser has a serious flaw in the way it handles JavaScript.
Photos: ToorCon talk on possible Firefox crack
Sept. 30, 2006

Researcher defends Mac Wi-Fi hijack

blog "Johnny Cache" reads a "rant" after partner Dave Maynor cancels a presentation meant to set the matter straight.
Sept. 30, 2006

Cybercrooks add Windows flaw to arsenal

Days after sample attack code for a yet-to-be-patched flaw surfaced, malicious sites are popping up that exploit the hole.
Sept. 30, 2006

Security pros patch older Windows versions

Third-party fix available to repair a serious flaw in Windows for which Microsoft no longer provides security updates.
Sept. 30, 2006 previous coverage

Another twist in Wi-Fi hijack tale

blog Researchers who demonstrated MacBook hack at Black Hat cancel a hacker convention talk at the 11th hour.
Sept. 29, 2006

Apple releases Mac OS X security update

Mac OS X 10.4.8 fixes several flaws that could lead to remote code execution, the company says.
Sept. 29, 2006

Another zero-day threat hits Windows

Sample code that exploits a yet-to-be-fixed Windows flaw is circulating. Microsoft plans to deal with it on the next Patch Tuesday. Sept. 29, 2006