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SpexSec takes aim at alleged terrorists, Zer0Pwn at Louisiana

Two hacking groups post private information on Pastebin, including the passports of terrorism suspects and the e-mails and passwords for Louisiana state employees.

Two hacking groups have taken aim at two very distinct targets in a data dump on Pastebin.

First up, the hacking organization known as SpexSec today posted the passports and visa information of more than 200 suspected terrorists. In a posting on Pastebin, the organization said that it hopes the data will help the U.S. "close down on some investigations."

"Like we promised, our primary suspects include the U.S Government for torturous and deceptive acts on our own soil, the Educational system for exuberantly being blown-over and belligerently not patching the holes in their system, and anybody else who partook a role in the Murder of America," SpexSec wrote today on Pastebin. "200+ Suspected Terrorists are our next reign of havoc."

SpexSec came on the scene in a big way earlier this week when it posted several thousand names, Social Security numbers, and birthdates from a Tennessee city online. SpexSec claims to have many more records it has yet to publish to the Web.

"It took days to gather all the information and pile it all together," SpexSec said of the breach in an interview with Death And Taxes Magazine published today. "Funny thing is, we could have went far more overboard with this."

Separately, the hacking group Zer0Pwn today released the e-mails, passwords, root users, and administrator credentials it found in the Louisiana Government's Housing Finance Agency database.

"All of these attacks will continue, as long as your security is s---," Zer0Pwn wrote on Pastebin.

Today's hacks are just the latest in a string of vulnerabilities that hacker grouips have taken advantage of lately. Both SpexSec and Zer0Pwn say that they will continue to hack targets and release information. SpexSec, in fact, has already said that "more leaks (are) coming soon."

This story has been updated throughout the morning.