Smart ways to secure your home

Clever implementation of smart devices and a smart lock can allow you to monitor and secure your home remotely. The cast of The Fix shows you how to use these devices to better secure your home.

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Editors' note II: The issue with the site video has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Editors' note: We're having some technical difficulties with the site version of this week's episode, so I've I'm using the YouTube version while we address the issue. I'll update the video when the site version's ready. Thanks for your patience and sorry the inconvenience.

The best way to secure your home is still with a nice thick deadbolt and a good strong door. That doesn't mean however, that you can't further enhance your home's security using smart devices. On this week's episode of The Fix, we show you how.

First, Donald Bell takes us step-by-step through installing the Lockitron smart lock on your door. Locking your door from an undisclosed remote location has never been this easy -- or possible.

Keeping with the smart theme, Sharon Vaknin shows you how to turn a smartphone to legitimate security camera. Now you'll know exactly the kind of hijinks your cats get into during the day!

Finally, getting this technology to work together and communicate is the key to its success. I'll explain exactly how these devices talk to each other and how it's possible to lock your doors at home from half a world away.

Do you have any other home security suggestions? Any cool ways to use technology to secure your home? Let us know in the comments.