Police set up Olympics e-crime teams

Two teams in London will deal with crimes such as attempted hacks on computer systems and fraudulent ticketing Web sites.

Tom Espiner Special to CNET News

London police are setting up two specialist teams to deal with aspects of e-crime and ticketing fraud surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games.

One of the teams will be dedicated to tackling e-crime related to the Olympics, such as attempted hacks on computer systems and fraud aimed at sponsors and prospective visitors. The other will focus on the prevention of ticketing fraud and other physical crime and will investigate ticketing Web sites. Recruitment is under way for the Olympics e-crime team, which is already investigating Web sites suspected of being set up to launch phishing attacks.

The computer systems at the Olympics itself will be protected by supplier Atos Origin. Any Web site advertising tickets for the Olympics at the moment is doing so illegally, police noted.

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