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McAfee buys, integrates Onigma

Hosted data-loss prevention service is launched in conjunction with $20 million acquisition.

Security software maker McAfee launched on Monday its hosted data-loss prevention service in conjunction with a $20 million cash acquisition of Onigma.

Onigma's technology, which includes software designed to monitor, report and prevent unauthorized data transfers from within and outside an organization, will be implemented in the new McAfee Data Loss Prevention hosted service.

"Onigma gives us additional capabilities and expertise to help customers reduce the risk associated with compliance violations, corporate governance concerns, internal policy infractions and information leaks," McAfee's chief technology officer, Chris Bolin, said in a statement Monday.

The Data Loss Prevention service aims to prevent sensitive data from being copied and pasted, captured on screenshots, or encrypted. The service also is designed to prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive data from laptops.

The new hosted offering, which is designed to guard against data loss from devices not running Windows, is intended to work with McAfee's Secure Internet Gateway, a Web and e-mail security appliance.

The acquisition of Israel-based Onigma is among those that McAfee has made this year to build its security risk-management offerings. Earlier this month, McAfee announced its $60 million buyout of Citadel Security, a company that develops technologies designed to automate regulatory-compliance procedures. In June, McAfee announced plans to acquire Preventsys, a maker of security risk-management systems.