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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 87: More magics!

It's a magical time in CNET Labs!

What a magical episode.

Is the iPad all that it's cracked up to be? This "late" in the game, who cares what we think right? I mean, it's been out for a whole week! Anyway, Dong and I had a chance to check it out and pass judgment--ultimate judgment!

Dong finally gains elite status. He's been blessed by the gods at Blizzard with a Starcraft 2 beta key. He attempts to keep his composure, but instead it's half an episode of his giddy schoolgirl impression. Pathetic.

Also, Dong's further adventures in getting taken by the man as his San Francisco parking ticket debacle continues.

Lastly, Redlettermedia continues its assault on Lucas in their brilliant Attack of the Clones YouTube review.

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