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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 66: No one wants to raid with that guy!

This episode we confront Facebook, Dong shows off in World of Warcraft and more Windows 7 talk!

No one wants to be Zaboo'd...or do they? The Guild

What effects do Facebook, other social networking sites, and today's media on have on young people? We have no idea. Neither of us have been young for a very long time. I think we think we know and like always, we're not afraid to discuss it.

Dong goes in for a job interview. Did I say job interview? I meant guild interview. Dong is evaluated and dehumanized in his attempt to join a new World of Warcraft guild.

Dong and I talk more about Windows 7. Dong spouts his first impressions--kinda weird, seeing as he's been using it for months. I don't know. We attempt to make it interesting.

Also, before I forget, contest! Listen to the episode to find out about the rules. Listen quick though!

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