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Inside CNET Labs 58: 3.5 bounces faster!

We go in-depth with Snow Leopard, District 9, and advertising.

Will the next version of Mac OS X be so fast that this little icon only bounces only once before it launches? Apple

This week, we take a look at advertising and discuss what makes people identify with certain products. For example, some people consider themselves Macs and other PCs. The way I see it, people just want to feel that they are a part of something. I wish I would have thought to say that during the podcast...

Then we go in-depth with Snow Leopard(Mac OS X 10.6) and attempt to calculate how many bounces faster it is than 10.5.

Finally, in e-mails Dong gets some questions about Vietnamese restaurants he attempts to dodge, but I catch him in time. Also, we get a great question from the heart of Wisconsin about making tech career choices. We do our best, but I'm not sure we actually help...anyone...ever.

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