Inside CNET Labs 29: Slumdog love affair

Episode 29 of the Inside CNET Labs podcast where secrets are told and alliances shattered.

We're a day late, but still piping hot!! Possibly even still steaming. So remember to blow on this episode before listening. Nope. No double entendres in that sentence...let's move on.

With Valentine's Day this week, we brought the love. Oodles of it. It's everywhere. I think I'm even sitting in it as I type this. Gross!

I doubt very much Dong was ever this adorable. Fox Searchlight

In honor of this Hallmark-corporate holiday I tell a story of my favorite Valentine's Day and Dong, being the Scrooge McDuck that he is, regales us with his worst Valentine's Day.

Not long after that Dong attempts to redeem himself with a tale of innocence, arranged marriages, and young love. Listen. Then ask yourself if the story sounds vaguely familiar. Even though he hasn't seen Slumdog Millionaire I'm 94.55 percent (repeating, of course) sure that he stole this story from the movie. Either that, or I just wanted a Slumdog reference in here somewhere. It's one or the other. You pick.

All you fans of Dr. Orgy (Dong's dentist he spoke about last week) will be happy to hear he's back this episode with another tale from the sexual revolution! Seriously, I think we need to look into getting this guy on the show for a regular segment called "Tales from the Sexual Revolution," cause he's all kinds of awesome.

Also, this episode we find out whether Dong is 420-friendly; the difference between love and scoring (a difference I'm having trouble wrapping my head around); and more Firefly love. Even if you can't possibly take anymore.

For all you lazy bastidges who don't want to brave CNET's search tool for one of our contests, we've now sweetened the deal and added a new incentive to get more entries. You'll have to listen to find out more, but trust me. You'll want to win this.

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