Inside CNET Labs 24: 'Where Eric is the tangent and Dong is the technology'

Episode 24 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Eric Franklin Former Editorial Director
Eric Franklin led the CNET Tech team as Editorial Director. A 20-plus-year industry veteran, Eric began his tech journey testing computers in the CNET Labs. When not at work he can usually be found at the gym, chauffeuring his kids around town, or absorbing every motivational book he can get his hands on.
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Eric Franklin

Hey look! There's Dong flailing on buttons and being impressed by the results. Ars Technica

Our longest podcast ever! Actually, I'm lying. It's not our longest, but probably our shortest episode. I feel we've packed it full of creamy goodness, though. I'm not really sure what I mean by that, but there's good stuff in here.

First off, we announce the winner of our first ever "Give us a tagline" contest. It wasn't officially called that but we're lazy and unorganized and didn't actually come up with an official name for the contest. For the next contest, we'll make sure the name is appropriately pretentious for all you Interwebs snobs out there.

Then Dong goes on and on (and on) about dual-band frequencies, while I take a nap. Exciting stuff.

Then we discuss how Dong was so obsessed with never ever beating me in a video game, that he once imagined he had and tried to pass it off as truth. He's kinda like that. He's never beaten me btw, unless it was in something dumb like Starcraft or some other stupid game that he's better than me at.

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