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How to delete Facebook activity using iPhone, Android app

Whether you read an article you'd rather not share, or Spotify is betraying your musical tastes, find out how to remove unwanted posts from your timeline.

As more and more apps integrate with Facebook and each app shares more of your online activity to your timeline, there's bound to be information you'd rather not share. Luckily, you can quickly delete activity -- like articles you've read, music you're listening to, comments posted, and even gameplay milestones -- using the Facebook app.

You'll need to go to your profile, or timeline. While there, scroll the About, Friends, and Photos thumbnails over until you see an Activity Log thumbnail. Once you select Activity Log, you'll be able to view, edit, or delete any unwanted activity from your timeline by tapping on the arrow next to the item. The log can also be filtered to easily find the post or activity you're looking for.

When editing an activity shared from an app or Web site, you'll see the option to "Delete," which removes the activity from existence, or "Hide from Timeline" which will keep the activity as-is, but will not appear on your profile for everyone to see.

For other activities, like commenting or liking a post, you'll simply see the option to "Delete" or "Unlike," which removes that comment or like from the original post and from your timeline.

Here's a quick video of the new Activity Log in action:

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Updated August 1, 2013: This post was originally published on July 23, 2012, but has been updated over time to reflect changes in the Facebook app.

Editors' note: Sharon Vaknin contributed to this story.