Hackers expose security flaws in cars, phones — even guns

Our greatest security weaknesses are revealed at the annual BlackHat and Defcon conferences, where hackers gather to show off their most compelling work. Meanwhile, Facebook prepares to fly its own drones.

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You thought that Jeep hack was scary? Get ready for more bad news.

The biggest cybersecurity conferences of the year -- BlackHat and Defcon -- are taking place in Las Vegas, and researchers are showing off new ways to hack Internet-connected cars. Watch CNET Update to learn about some of the latest flaws found, including a way to hack TrackingPoint's high-tech rifle:

Watch this: Hackers expose security flaws in cars, phones – even guns

Security is a bigger concern when more devices can connect online. But while we debate why a gun needs an app, Facebook is working to bring Internet to more countries with drones.

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