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Get a Skylink SK-200 home security system for $89.99

From the Cheapskate: This expandable, connected alarm system requires no monthly monitoring fees and regularly sells for $150. Plus: free password manager!

Rick Broida
Rick Broida Senior Editor
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iPhone not included. Dang! SkylinkNet

Home security is a necessary evil -- necessary because, duh, it's your home, and evil because you typically have to pay monthly for a monitored system or go for a camera-based setup that's a pain to install (and not always a good deterrent).

Somewhere in between those two options lies a new generation of smart, DIY home-security solutions. These can often set you back at least a few hundred dollars, but for a limited time, Atom Depot (via Amazon) has the Skylink SK-200 home security system for $89.99, shipped. That's after applying coupon code CNETS200 at checkout. Regular price: $150. Another sweet Cheapskate exclusive, cheeps!

Update: It appears the SK-200 is sold out, at least from the vendor offering the coupon code.

Though definitely a starter kit, the SK-200 includes everything you need to protect an apartment or small house: an Internet-connected hub, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor and a keychain remote.

As with most such systems, you can scale up with more and different sensors (including water-leak and garage-door) and indoor IP cameras. What's more, you can control everything via app -- though, and here's the rub -- it's iOS-only. Sorry, Android users. (Don't shoot the messenger.) Update: Although the company's own product page mentions only an iOS version, a rep notified me that it is indeed available for Android as well.

I haven't had any hands-on (home-on?) experience with Skylink system, but CNET's review will tell you everything you need to know. Spoiler alert: "There's nothing groundbreaking about this simple system, but for basic small home security, it gets the job done."

That conclusion was based on a $150 price tag, and it's a safe bet the 18 Amazon user reviews (average: 4.2 stars) were as well. For $89.99 out the door, this is an awfully affordable way to give your abode a modern home-security makeover.

Bonus deal: For my money, managing your passwords is even more important than backing up your data. Well, equally important, anyway -- and yet so few people bother to do it. Don't be one of them! Ending soon, SharewareOnSale has Sticky Password Premium one-year license for free. The service does it all: password generation and management, unsafe-password detection, syncing between desktop and mobile apps and so on. You can also get a lifetime license for $34.99 -- normally $69.99. (You also have the option of renewing for $19.99 annually at the end of your free year.)