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Get a 3-year Windscribe Pro VPN subscription for $22.49

Plus: 4 bonus deals, including a $6 Qi charging pad, a free zombie game and more!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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This is something of a rerun. In the past I shared the lifetime version of this offer, but, let's face it, technology changes so rapidly... Does lifetime anything really make sense? Three years from now, we might all be using implanted-microchip-based security.

Anyway, if you're already using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your internet connections secure, you can skip on down to the bottom, where you'll find some lovely bonus deals.

Everyone else, listen up. You should be using a VPN to keep your internet connections secure. That's especially true if you frequent coffee shops, airports and other places that serve up public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers can and will do their thing if you give them the chance. Look no further than this story of a midflight security breach experienced by a journalist.

That kind of thing is kind of scary, I think, but there's an easy fix: Always use a VPN. There are countless options out there, including some perfectly decent free ones. That said, I'm always a fan of "going pro" when you can do so on the cheap. And today's deal definitely qualifies.

It's a Windscribe VPN Pro 3-year subscription for $22.49. Normally this service runs $90 for just one year. 

I've featured other VPN deals before, so what makes this one different? For starters, it's available for just about every platform: Android (a native app is just about to be released), iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows. Your Pro subscription entitles you to unlimited data and unlimited access on unlimited devices. The service offers servers in 46 locations worldwide.

Windscribe also unlocks geo-restricted content, and its browser extensions block ad beacons/trackers as well.

Does it really work, though? Windscribe earned positive reviews from sites such as BestVPN and VpnMentor, though be aware that both of those sites are affiliate-supported. Interestingly, one of BestVPN's big complaints was price -- but that goes out the window with today's deal. Check out this recent TechRadar review as well.

I'd also point you to the user reviews of the iOS version: They average out to 4.5 stars out of 5. 

For what it's worth, the free version of Windscribe might be sufficient for your needs, or at least a good place to start, but it's limited to 10GB of data per month, one connection and eight locations.

Your thoughts?

By the way, if you're looking for more VPN choices, check out CNET's VPN service roundup.

Bonus deal: Costco shoppers tend to assume the warehouse offers the best prices on absolutely everything, including tech products and electronics. But that's not always the case, so before you splurge on that laptop or big TV, make sure to shop around.

Don't have a Costco membership? Here's a rare chance to get a deal on one: For new members only, Groupon has a Costco 1-year Gold membership for $60, a price that includes a $20 Costco cash card, a $75 Costco travel card, $25 off any online order of $250 or more and three in-store freebies. Combined value: $215.63.


Today's lesson: "Qi" is pronounced "Chee." Don't ask questions.


Bonus deal No. 2: I've never owned a phone that supports wireless charging -- but, boy, do I want to. If and when that happens, I suspect I'll need a few charging pads: one for the desk, one for the nightstand and so on.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Seneo Qi wireless charging pad for $5.99 when you apply promo code Z6HZESBG at checkout.

This works, of course, only with Qi-compatible products: late-model Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Nexuses, etc. I'll freely admit I don't know a lot about the tech, but it appears this pad has just one charging coil; others have two or even three. So it's probably not as fast at charging? In any case, the user reviews are mostly positive, which some complaints regarding the brightness of the charging indicator. (This might not be the best option for your nightstand.)

Bonus deal No. 3: Game time! Ending tomorrow, or when the licenses run out, GOG is giving away copies of zombie platformer Deadlight: The Director's Cut. (Just look for the rather slim giveaway banner on the home page.) You'll need a GOG account; once you're signed in, just click the giveaway banner to add the game to that account. Then go to your game library, where you'll find three installer files to download.

Incidentally, Deadlight: The Director's Cut would cost you $11.99 if purchased from Steam. The user reviews there are somewhat mixed; apparently the game has some problems with saving your place. But, hey, it's free, so no harm in giving it a try!

Bonus deal No. 4: Still renting your cable modem? You could save as much as $10 to $12 per month by buying your own (though you'll need to add a router to the mix if your rental modem doubles as one). Typically I see these selling for $60 to $70, but for a limited time, and while supplies last, Office Depot/Max has the TP-Link TC-7610 Docsis 3.0 8x4 cable modem for $24.93, shipped (plus tax). It's compatible with Comcast, Time Warner and several other major cable companies (but you should probably call yours first just to make sure it'll work).