EDS set to protect mobile data

Electronic Data Systems, banking on a growing disaster-recovery market, announces a service to protect data on desktops, laptops and PDAs.

Ed Frauenheim
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Hoping to cash in on a growing disaster-recovery market, Electronic Data Systems on Monday launched a service to protect data held on desktop computers, laptops and personal digital assistants.

The company said its new service, Mobile Information Protection, allows companies to back up data on mobile devices automatically, as well as to restore lost or damaged information.

"As employee productivity becomes even more dependent on mobile computing platforms, corporate information assets are at greater risk of loss or theft," Sandi Scullen, global leader of EDS' Intelligent Storage Services unit, said in a statement. EDS is based in Plano, Texas.

Disaster recovery is one of the brighter fields in a gloomy technology-spending environment. The market research firm IDC said in a report last year that the backup recovery services market would grow from $3 billion in 2001 to $4.2 billion in 2006, for an annual growth rate of 6.9 percent.

EDS' new offering is an extension of its data backup services for corporate mainframe or server computers. EDS is basing the Mobile Information Protection product on Connected Corporation?s DataProtector software.

The new service costs $9 to $12 per user, per month, along with a one-time installation fee ranging from about $25,000 to $32,000.

Other companies offering disaster recovery services include Hewlett-Packard, IBM and SunGard.