Check Point tool to keep an eye on networks

Soon-to-debut data analysis software aims to help technology managers spot problems on networks.

Dawn Kawamoto Former Staff writer, CNET News
Dawn Kawamoto covered enterprise security and financial news relating to technology for CNET News.
Dawn Kawamoto
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Check Point Software Technologies will launch software on Monday to help information security professionals manage their networks.

Eventia Analyzer is designed to monitor networks by collecting and analyzing data from a variety of components, such as firewalls and antivirus gateways, said David Burton, Check Point's director of product marketing. The software then automatically correlates and analyzes the information in real time and produces a consolidated report for the information security manager.

The release will mark Check Point's entry into the nascent market for products that help administrators monitor network events, such as log-ins, and be able to respond quickly to perceived security threats. Analysts noted it's a market that has only recently gained significant customer attention in the past year or two.

"They're just a little late to the game, but not too late," said Steve Hunt, a security industry analyst.

Burton said Eventia Analyzer has a bank of 70 predefined problems that make it easier to detect security shortfalls, meaning managers have less need to customize the system. It enables information security managers to follow its recommendations, or can automatically take steps to resolve any problem, he said.

Security event management is a relatively small market that's expected to grow to roughly $300,000 this year, analyst Hunt said. And while the industry is expected to generate steady growth, no large growth spikes are anticipated, he added.

"Security event management products are just one piece of the problem that customers are trying to resolve," he said. "A security manager has to buy eight other products to go along with it, from asset management technology to patch management technology to policy configuration management."

The security event management industry will likely see its growth come from a consolidation of all related products into one integrated offering, Hunt predicted.

Eventia Analyzer software licenses will cost $18,000 per device, but just $1,000 on average per device when purchased in high volume. The software is scheduled to begin shipping in March.

On Monday, Check Point also plans to announce an upgrade to its Integrity PC firewall software. Version 6.0 will feature a subscription service to control which applications can access the network from a PC, said Rich Weiss, Check Point's director of end-point marketing.

Integrity 6.0 will also feature server-clustering technology and intrusion-prevention services at the PC level to block attacks, Weiss said.