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Apps that can access Google+ photos, videos may not be far off

A quickly-yanked Google blog post revealed details of an upcoming API that would enable apps to access photos and video on Google+.

This is the blog post that was up shortly today before being taken offline.
This is the blog post that was up shortly today before being taken offline. Click for larger image.
Mike Elgan

Google is apparently almost ready to launch its first application programming interface (API) for developing new features on Google+ using photos and videos--at least, according to a Google blog post that surfaced on RSS readers before being pulled again earlier today.

Mike Elgan, a Computerworld columnist, posted a screenshot of the post on his Google+ feed and said it was "accidentally made public for a few moments," which allowed time for distribution via RSS Readers. The post also shows up in a targeted Google search, but displays the "Page not found" message when the result is clicked on.

"Photo sharing is one of my favorite features of Google+," the Google+ Platform Blog post by "Amy" says. "Today, we're making it easier to leverage the power of personal and professional images by releasing our first Google+ API for photos and videos."

Initially, there will be read-only access to public albums, photos and videos, according to the post.

"Using the new API, developers can get a list of public albums from a Google+ user, and list the photos and videos within each album," it says. "Combined with our existing public data and search APIs, I'm hoping to see new services such as a family-focused 'screen saver,' a new way to crowdsource great images, or a live photo wall for a party."

Google spokespeople did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment from CNET.