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Another Netbook under $300

Prices on an HP Mini-Note are in free fall, most likely a closeout prior to new models being introduced.

Michael Horowitz

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Michael Horowitz
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I previously pointed out a couple of Asus Netbooks selling for less than $300. Now, one of the HP Mini-Note series has joined the elite group of really cheap Netbooks.

Liliputing, a Web site dedicated to Netbooks, reported Saturday that the HP 2133 Mini-Note just fell in price to $299 at Amazon.com.

This the bottom-of-line machine from HP's initial Netbook foray back in April.

Originally, HP sold it for $500.
On September 24, it was $432, after a rebate.
On October 20, it sold for $380.
A couple of days later, it was $330.
Now, October 25, it's $299.

The machine runs Suse Linux, has 512MB of RAM, a 4GB solid state disk and a keyboard that everyone says is great. (I have not used it myself.) The screen is 8.9 inches and runs at a higher resolution than other Netbooks. Thus, if you don't have the eyes of a hawk, this isn't the computer for you. I've read elsewhere that it gets fairly hot.

Interestingly, HP was the only company to offer Vista on a Netbook and reviews said it was slow, as you might expect, especially considering HP includes a VIA C7-M processor.

HP's cheapest Vista-based model comes with the same screen and keyboard, 1GB of RAM, and a 120GB hard disk. According to Amazon, pricing started at $630. At the end of September is was $530, after a rebate. Now, it sells sells for $404 at Amazon.

This is not meant to be a recommendation, just an observation on the pricing.