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Printing coming to iPad?

A terse e-mail supposedly from Apple CEO Steve Jobs states that printing "will come" to the tablet, according to

An e-mail reportedly from Apple CEO Steve Jobs answers the question of whether printing will come to the iPad, according to A customer apparently wrote on Friday evening:

Dear Steve,

Why no printing on the iPad? What gives?

About 15 minutes later, Jobs apparently responded in his typical, terse style:

It will come.

Sent from my iPhone

MacRumors does acknowledge that such e-mails are "difficult to authenticate." However, it's not unlike Jobs to respond to customers via e-mail. He recently answered questions about iPad data plans and about MacBook Pro updates.

While consumers wait for Apple to make printing available within the operating system--the e-mail offered no timeframe--there are options available for the iPad. A search of Apple's App Store for the term "printing" brings up a number of applications that allow the iPad to print wirelessly, so people are not stuck without a workable solution.