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Portrait artists make iPad their canvas

Watch a video of artists painting portraits using their fingers and an iPad touch screen. Is the iPad becoming a new canvas for masterpieces?

iPad portrait
Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

As we saw recently with all that amazing art painted from rear-window grime, true artists can create masterpieces using just about any tool.

In the first video below, David Kassan paints quite a detailed and subtly shaded portrait using only his fingers and an iPad. His model sat for three hours, but the time-lapsed video means you don't have to.

The Brooklyn-based artist used Steve Sprang's $4.99 Brushes app to portray his subject, as does U.K.-based Kyle Lambert, who created some pretty great-looking iPad finger paintings of Beyonce, a scene from "Toy Story 3," and Iron Man (below).

Touch-screen art isn't entirely new, of course (you may remember that stunning New Yorker cover of a street scene created entirely on an iPhone), but it is certainly getting more refined and impressive. We don't expect touch screens to fully replace brushes and pens anytime soon, but we do wonder if touch-screen art may one day become a respected genre all its own.

In the meantime, have you used your mobile device to paint something worth showing off? Send your image in, along with your name and location, to crave at cnet dot com.

(Source: CNET Pulse)