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Portable gaming: iPhone, iPod Touch, DSi, or PSP?

Which portable gaming device is the best? The iPhone, iPod Touch, DSi, PSP, or DS Lite?

The Nintendo DSi

Now that Nintendo has released the DSi, every portable gaming system now supports--in one way or another--downloadable content. Whether you're downloading apps from the Apple App Store or transferring PSP games from the PlayStation Network, it's clear digital distribution is the future of entertainment.

With all of these options, you may ask yourself "which portable gaming device is right for me?" If you're the casual gamer who wants everything in one device, you may want to check out an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

More serious gamers can get their fixes with a much more gamer-centric experience with a PSP or DSi. Not ready for the world of downloadable games? The DS Lite is still your most affordable option at $130.

Let our portable gaming product comparison feature help you out in your decision-making process. Based on games alone, what is your pick for the best portable gaming experience?