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Poll: What's stopping you from getting a projector?

Price, complexity, brightness, space -- why don't you have a projector?


I've had a projector as my main display for more than 10 years. I don't for a second believe they're for everyone. However, I do believe that more people could enjoy projectors than currently do.

From other articles I've written on CNET, though, there's a lot of push-back and negativity with projectors, and I'd like to find out why.

Why do I care? Well, of all the products I review and write about, by far the one I think is coolest is the projector. I could never go back to "regular" TVs. Yet, they remain a tiny percentage of the video market.

One of the common complaints is cost, though this is getting to be less valid of an excuse. The BenQ 1070W is only $1,000, and a fantastic projector for the price. With an inexpensive screen (there are lots of options for a couple hundred dollars), or even a wall, it can produce a much larger image than any TV.

Of course, then there's the additional costs of replacement lamps, which can run you a few hundred dollars every few years. I consider this the "cost of awesome" with projectors (though I can't wait for LED projectors to drop in price).

I don't accept the need for a receiver as a negative, as I don't understand anyone who still uses TV speakers. I can understand not wanting or needing a big screen, but crappy sound? Baffling.

That could be part of the complexity complaint, given that it's a multipiece system: projector, screen, audio. I can see that being intimidating for those who have only ever had just the TV.

Space is another concern. You need a big, flat wall for a screen, and certain rooms just don't support it. Fair enough.

Light is, certainly, the biggest issue. Even with today's uber-bright projectors and ambient-light-rejecting screens, they can't compete with sunlight. Shades and curtains certainly work, but I understand that some people don't want to watch TV in the dark all the time.

So I guess my question is, if you like the idea of a projector, what's preventing you from getting one. Please vote in the poll, but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. What's holding you back? What would change your mind?

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