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Poll: Buying an iPad? What's your excuse?

For a device like this, there's usually a killer app--the one reason you use to justify the purchase. If you're buying the Apple tablet, what's yours?

Ignore what I said previously about consumers not buying tablets. As a consumer focus group of one, I have reversed that position and am picking up my preordered iPad today.

My excuse? I'm a tech writer; I need to understand this stuff. Press me further, and I'll say that with Evernote on the iPad (the app was just updated for the platform), I should be able to take notes on this device in meetings in a way that's less disruptive than opening up a laptop and typing on it.

Can you resist? Apple

The real reason? I couldn't tell you. All of the above, I guess, plus some combination of curiosity and falling under the spell of Steve Jobs' design team, despite the fact that my affection for Apple's other products is what one could call "measured." I like my MacBook but I do not love it (the keyboard stinks). And my iPhone does a lot of great things, but slowly.

Yes, like any pervasive technology platform, the iPad does more than one thing. But usually, for a device like this, there's a killer app--the one reason you use to justify the purchase.

If you're getting the device, what is it for you? The Marvel Comics app? Streaming Netflix? Using iWork? Recipes in the kitchen? A fancy streaming-picture frame? Share your reason.