Mueller report on Trump, Russia expected to be released Thursday

US Attorney General William Barr sent a four-page summary of the report to Congress in March.

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Attorney General William Barr Testifies To House Appropriations Committee On Capitol Hill

Attorney General William Barr released a four-page summary of the Mueller report late last month. 

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The Justice Department plans to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on foreign interference in the 2016 US presidential election on Thursday. 

It'll reportedly be available to both Congress and the public on Thursday morning.

Mueller delivered his report to US Attorney General William Barr on March 22 following a nearly two-year investigation, including whether anyone tied to President Donald Trump's campaign cooperated with Russia to get him elected. Two days after receiving the 400-page report, Barr sent a four-page summary to Congress, concluding that Mueller's findings didn't show the Trump campaign conspired with Russia. 

Mueller's investigation, though, led to indictments of six of Trump's advisers, along with 26 Russian nationals, including some on charges of hacking. Indictments against 12 of the Russians were tied to malware that infected the servers of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election campaign and that stole thousands of emails, which then were posted on WikiLeaks.

The White House declined to comment, but the president criticized the report in two tweets Monday.

"The Mueller Report, which was written by 18 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters), should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax. That is, never forget, the crime....." Trump tweeted. He continued: "....Since there was no Collusion, why was there an Investigation in the first place! Answer - Dirty Cops, Dems and Crooked Hillary!"

As soon as it's available, CNET will share instructions on how to download and/or access the Mueller report online. 

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