Google Maps briefly shows a Senate building renamed for John McCain

The congressional building is currently named after a segregationist senator who opposed civil rights legislation.

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Marrian Zhou
Sen. John McCain

Arizona Sen. John McCain died Saturday at 81.

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

If you'd searched Google for "Russell Senate Office Building" earlier Wednesday, you'd have seen it displayed as the "McCain Senate Office Building."

The internet briefly changed the building's name in John McCain's honor Wednesday morning, according to The Washington Post. Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer reportedly suggested renaming the building after McCain, who passed away Saturday at age 81. A Republican, McCain had served more than 30 years in Congress and was an important figure in American politics .

The building is currently named after Democratic Sen. Richard Russell Jr., a segregationist who opposed civil rights legislation, according to NPR. Russell reportedly served 38 years in Congress.

It's unclear how the change of name happened, but internet users can suggest edits to the names of locations on Google Maps .

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.