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George Takei trolls Trump with new House of Cats AR app

President Donald Trump takes the form of a large orange tabby cat.

Trumpy Cat sits on George Takei's shoulder.
George Takei

It's no secret actor and activist George Takei, known as Sulu on Star Trek, is an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump. He has now cemented his reputation as a Trump critic with the introduction of House of Cats, an offbeat augmented-reality app.

The app imagines Trump as a tubby orange tabby cat named Trumpy Cat. You can watched him deliver classic Trump sound clips or have him repeat words you say. The augmented-reality feature lets you place the cat into your environment and take pictures and capture video with him.

Trumpy Cat is joined by a cast of animated characters named Meowlania, Vladdy Putin and Lil' Rocket Pug. 

"This is, without a doubt, one of the most absurd and tragic moments in US history," Takei said in a statement. "We should feel upset about some of the things that are happening, but we created this app so we can laugh about some of the more ridiculous stuff."  

Stacey Grimsrud, a spokeswoman for Takei, said the actor wanted to combine his love of cats and politics in creating the app. "George works with a team of people he calls Team Takei who contributed to the development," she said. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS for 99 cents. There's a premium content subscription version planned.  

The app is bound to ruffle the fur of Trump supporters, but Trump detractors may find it highly entertaining. It definitely takes political satire in an absurd new direction.


George Takei's House of Cats app features "Trumpy Cat."

George Takei