Donald Trump's tweets show he's a modern man, Putin says

Commentary: Interviewed by NBC's Megyn Kelly, the Russian president says he, on the other hand, isn't a Twitterer.

Chris Matyszczyk

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Samara

Twittering makes the modern man, says Putin.

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

A critic might offer that President Donald Trump is keen to take us back to times gone by. 

Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that at least one aspect of Trump's persona shows he's very much a man of today.

Interviewed by NBC's Megyn Kelly, Putin was asked whether he reads his American counterpart's tweets. 

"Nyet," he replied.

He also nyetted to the question of whether he himself tweets. "I have other ways of expressing my point of view or implementing a decision," Putin said.

Putin insisted Trump's tweeting shows a big difference between himself and the American president.

"Donald is a more modern individual,"he said.

The White House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump's Twittering has certainly changed politics. You have to decide whether it's for better or worse.

Trump believes his grasp of social media brought him to power. Yet he's claimed he doesn't like tweeting. His staff has expressed fears Twitter will be his ultimate undoing.

Presumably though, some might observe, Putin believes the truly conservative and traditionalist have no need for social media when they have a little, well, social control.