Census 2020 results see House seats removed from California, New York

States that gained congressional seats include Texas, Florida and North Carolina.

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Six states gained additional congressional seats.

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The results from the 2020 US Census are in, and it will result in the House of Representatives being reapportioned. Losing one seat each are the states of California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, while Texas gained two seats due to rapid population growth. Also gaining one seat each are Florida, Montana, North Carolina, Colorado and Oregon.

Each seat in the House represents around 761,000 people, with the reapportioned Congress to convene in January 2023 as the 118th Congress. New York missed out on retaining its congressional seat by just 89 people, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday reportedly saying New York will be looking at legal options given the tiny differential.

The total population of the US, according to the Census results, is now 331,449,281 -- up 7.4% or 22,703,743 more people since the last Census in 2010. The first ever Census in 1790 recorded a population of just over 3.9 million. The states that gained the most population in the last 10 years were Texas, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, North Dakota, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

California's resident population now sits at 39.5 million, while Texas houses 29 million people, Florida has 21.5 million residents, New York has 20.2 million and Pennsylvania has 13 million. As a result, California now has 52 seats in the House, Texas has 38, Florida 28, New York 26 and Pennsylvania 17.

California has the most addresses in the US, at 15.5 million, followed by Texas with 12.6 million, Florida with 10.5 million, New York with 9.3 million and Pennsylvania with 6.1 million. 

The Census Bureau says more data including demographic info like age, sex, race and Hispanic origin will "become available moving forward." Much of the collection and release of the Census data was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.