British MP Jared O'Mara called 'morally bankrupt' on his own Twitter feed

Jared O'Mara is going to need to hire a new communications team and delete a few tweets.

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Eric Mack
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British parliament member Jared O'Mara lost control of his Twitter account for a while Wednesday.

UK House of Commons

It's a bad day for politicians when their own Twitter accounts call them a "selfish, degenerate prick." But that's just one highlight of a tirade that's unfolded on British Parliament member Jared O'Mara's Twitter account the past three hours.  

In what looks to be a blistering resignation thread, Gareth Arnold, who says he's a former member of the independent MP's communications team, aired his disgust with his apparent former employer.

"Jared, you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself," the screed, which was posted to O'Mara's official account, kicked off. 

The thread goes on to accuse O'Mara of being unresponsive to the concerns of constituents before ending like this: "Consider this my resignation. Thanks. Gareth Arnold" followed by a fitting mic drop GIF.

Meanwhile, on Arnold's own Twitter feed, he elaborated on his frustrations, accusing O'Mara of drinking before media interviews and neglecting his duties. That account, which only shows tweets posted today, has almost 18,000 followers as of this writing.  

O'Mara quit the Labour party last year after being suspended over alleged misogynistic and homophobic comments posted online.  

Arnold has a history of raising eyebrows online as well. In 2014, according to The Guardian, he created social media accounts under the name Britain Furst as a means of trolling the right-wing political party. 

We've reached out to both O'Mara and Arnold for further comment. 

The hijacking of O'Mara's account isn't the first time a high-profile Twitter feed has appeared to run amok. Two years ago, Sen. Ted Cruz's verified account liked a video posted by @SexuallPosts, a handle that leaves little to the imagination. Last year, Ron Paul, a former congressman and one-time presidential candidate, retweeted a message that included a racist and anti-Semitic cartoon. Both politicians blamed staffers.

It's always the little guy.