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Resigned to Pokemon Go: Man quits job to hunt Pokemon full-time

Why fill out spreadsheets when you can fill out your Pokedex?

A New Zealand man has ditched his job to capture, evolve and battle Pokemon full-time, The Guardian reports.

Speaking to the paper, 24-year-old Tom Currie explains that he's quit his job in Auckland to travel New Zealand for two months playing mobile phenomenon Pokemon Go, the game for iOS and Android that sees players travelling to real-world locations to capture Pokemon.

Currie's bid to capture every Pokemon in Nintendo's wildly popular game has already seen him capture 90 of the 250 digital beasts, nabbing an exotic Dragonair Pokemon in the Kaikoura Ranges -- two dominating stretches of mountainous territory in the northeast of New Zealand's South Island.

Currie, who is sleeping on sofas or in backpacker dorms while he completes his epic Pokequest, told the paper, "I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokemon gave me the chance to live that dream."

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Hombre renuncia a su empleo para jugar Pokémon Go de tiempo completo.

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