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Podcast: Some European journalists skeptical of blogging

At an international technology conference on Malta, CNET's Tom Merritt and CBS News' Larry Magid found some journalists who were a bit skeptical of blogging.

It's hard to find an American print journalist who doesn't also publish online, and most seem to now accept that blogging is here to stay. After witnessing the folding of the of the Rocky Mountain News and the print editions of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer along with struggles at other papers, it seems as if just about everyone realizes that the economics of print are--to say the least--challenging.

But at an international technology conference on the island of Malta (in the Mediterranean, roughly halfway between Europe and Africa), CBS News and CNET technology analyst Larry Magid and CNET Executive Editor Tom Merritt came across some European and Asian technology journalists who felt a lot more secure about the future of print and more skeptical of online publishing than their American counterparts.

Tom and Larry talk about the audience reaction to their blogging panel and give some pointers on how it's possible to be both a blogger and a good journalist.