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Pleo robot dinosaur survives extinction

The trainable robots have gotten some updates, with an app on the way that lets you take care of your Pleo while you're out.

The Pleo robot dinosaur returns. Aloysius Low/CNET Asia

LAS VEGAS--Remember Pleo, the friendly robotic dinosaur whose personality depended on how you took care of it?

Do you recall how the company that made it, Ugobe, went bankrupt?

Or how it got resurrected by its original manufacturer, Jetta? If you don't, feel free to check out the Wikipedia entry on this ill-fated dinosaur's history.

Well, while touring the booths of CES here, we chanced upon Innvo Labs, a division of Jetta, which had three Pleos on display. The dinosaur robots have gotten improvements to battery life, sport other features such as voice recognition, and have been renamed as Pleo RB (reborn).

Innvo also showed off a bunch of new food toys you can feed to your dinos. Lastly, we were informed that an app will be released soon that lets you take care of your Pleo while you're out, and also lets you sync its data to the robot when you return home.

No release date was mentioned for the app, as it's still in development, but the robot dino is currently available for $469.

(Source: Crave Asia)