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Pivotal updates midsize CRM software

Pivotal has updated its set of customer relationship management (CRM) applications for midsize companies and plans to release the product, called Pivotal 5, at the end of the month. The updated software features new programs designed to help salespeople quote prices and set options for complex merchandise. The new release, tailored for businesses with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue, incorporates e-mail marketing software that Pivotal acquired in its purchase of MarketFirst last year. Pivotal also updated its online self-service applications.

The Vancouver, B.C., based software company competes with Epiphany, Microsoft, Onyx Software and in the market for CRM software tailored to midsize businesses. Pivotal has not yet released a price list for Pivotal 5, but a company representative said a set of licenses typically costs about $250,000.